Hi, I am Nick Tune

a technical leader, author, & speaker

What I Do

My passion is working with ambitious organisations to build game-changing products. I help build engineering cultures that enable rapid and cost-effective business innovation. I continuously learn, teach and talk about a variety of topics that help me to better achieve this.

Technical Leader

I help organisations to build a customer-focused, high-speed engineering capability built on continuous delivery, domain-driven design & test-driven-development. You can always try and tempt me with ambitious opportunities.


I am co-author of Patterns, Principles & Practices of Domain-Driven Design, I write for tech sites, and other organisations. You are welcome to contact me with any kind of technical writing opportunity (including ghostwriting).


I speak at major tech conferences, user groups and internal conferences about key technical topics, including continuous delivery, domain-driven design and organisational change. Contact me if you would like me to speak or keynote at your event.


I frequently run workshops to help organisations improve at building software that matters faster. My workshops include strategic domain-driven design, continuous delivery fundamentals & organisational alignment. Get in touch if you need my help.

Featured Talk

In September 2016 I spoke at Swanseacon about my experiences in government; the incredible digital transformation efforts led by GDS and some of the danger signs of major problems that are still to be fixed if we are going to create amazing services and spend taxpayer money efficiently.

About Me

I love being part of teams that build ambitious products and services. I'm addicted to the goal of delivering something people care about, and the immense feeling of satisfaction knowing that I made a difference. Every day I feed my addiction by learning about technology, psychology, business, and any other field that edges me closer to being a complete problem solver.

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Principles and Practices I Use


Domain-Driven Design


Continuous Delivery





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For work, speaking, writing, training or any other type of enquiry, you can contact me via either of the methods below.