Hi, I am Nick Tune

a technical leader, author, & speaker

How Can I Help You?

If you need help building world-class engineering teams, modelling complex systems, or strategic technical leaderhip, I am usually available for short-term consulting & workshops, and sometimes available for longer engagements.

Technical Leader

I help organisations to build a customer-focused, high-speed engineering capability enabled by continuous delivery, domain-driven design & test-driven-development. You can contact me for more information.


I am co-author of 3 books including Patterns, Principles & Practices of Domain-Driven Design, I write for tech sites and other publications. You are welcome to contact me with technical writing opportunities.


I speak at major tech conferences, user groups and internal events about key technical topics, including continuous delivery, domain-driven design and organisational change. Contact me for speaking requests.


I run public and private workshops to help organisations build maintainable business-aligned software. My workshops include strategic domain-driven design, Event Storming, & organisation design. Get in touch to make a booking.

Featured Talk

In September 2016 I spoke at Swanseacon about my experiences in the government. If you would rather not know how incompetent government agencies blew £12 billion of your money, do not press that play button. Thanks to GDS, however, we have hope. So maybe you should dare to watch and find out why.

About Me

I love being part of teams that build ambitious products and services. I'm addicted to the goal of delivering something people care about, and the immense feeling of satisfaction knowing that I made a difference. Every day I feed my addiction by learning about technology, psychology, business, and any other field that edges me closer to being a complete problem solver.

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Principles and Practices I Use


Domain-Driven Design


Continuous Delivery





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For work, speaking, writing, training or any other type of enquiry, you can contact me via either of the methods below.