Book Review: Front-End Fundamentals

Front-End Fundamentals


Joe Fender, Carwin Young

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It’s been too long since I worked on complex front-end projects. As a result, I’m massively out of sync with the latest technologies and practices for front-end development.

I needed an at-a-glance view of the current front-end development world. Front-End Fundamentals was the only book that I could find. But it was very recent, so I was hopeful it was just what I was looking for.

Overall, I am quite satisfied by the content; An introductory look into MV* frameworks like Angular and Ember. Fair coverage of the major package managers. And an opinionated, yet balanced, discussion of the task runners like Grunt and Gulp.

This book hasn’t made me an expert in front-end development, nor has it made me an expert in any of the technologies that it touches on. However, it has definitely given me a useful insight into the current state of front-end development.

At half the price I’d have given this book a higher rating. Unfortunately, as useful as the book is, at just 110 pages it’s utility does not quite justify its cost in my opinion. If you don't fancy the hassle of finding and reading a load of blog posts, it is worth reading though.

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