Strategic DDD Using the Bounded Context Canvas

Align your software architecture and microservices with the business domain

You Will Learn

This workshop teaches attendees a complete process for modelling the business domain and breaking it down into bounded contexts which can be modeled as microservices. Teams will learn a variety of techniques including the Bounded Context Canvas, EventStorming, and Context Mapping, in addition to fundamental DDD theory and concepts.

After this workshop, teams will be able to apply these concepts in a working environment to model domains and design software architectures aligned with the domain.

This workshop can also be combined with an additional day of consulting where teams will apply the concepts they have learned to their own domain with expert supervision.

You will learn:

  • How to collaboratively model business domains with domain experts using EventStorming
  • How to design bounded contexts using the Bounded Context Canvas
  • How to design microservices aligned with bounded contexts
  • How to find and focus on the core business domains
  • Essential DDD theory and concepts

Is This Workshop For You?

You will find this workshop valuable if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You are software developer or architect looking to design loosely-coupled software systems which are focused on the core business problem and are easier
  • You are product manager/owner who wants their developers to be more business-focused and able to optimise the ROI of their engineering efforts

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To attend, we expect attendees to have experience of the following:

  • 1+ year of professional programming experience or product/business experience
  • Basic understanding of software architecture
  • Working in organisations with 50+ employees
  • No previous knowledge of DDD is required


Duration: 3 - 5 days
Max Attendees: 40
Location: Your offices or we can arrange a venue
Availability: 2+ months notice

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