Domain Discovery in a Hurry

Dive into the world of exploring problem domains

Skills You Will Learn

The old days of developers being fed a backlog of work items by "the business" are over. High-performance agile organisations are highly collaborative. Everyone is customer-focused, and everyone must understand the problem domain & the business needs so that everyone can contribute to the direction of the product(s).

This action-packed workshop is full of hands-on activities that teach software developers and everyone else how to understand their problem domain, their organisation's goals, and to think from the perspective of their customers.

You will learn:

  • what are business models, and how software developers who understand business models are more effective
  • how to identify and visualise your organisation's business model with the Business Model Canvas
  • how to focus on the problem and not the incorrect solution, with impact mapping
  • how to rapidly and effectively explore complex problem domains on a whiteboard
  • how to communicate with non-technical people to understand their world and to help them understand yours

Is This Workshop For You?

You are a software developer, architect or tester who wants to get more involved in helping their organisation to build products that customers will love. Or, you're a product owner, project manager, or business analyst who wants to learn techniques they can use to be more collaborative with software developers.


You've worked in an organisation that produces software for at-least 6 months. This workshop is extremely effective for mixed-group teams of software developers, architects, product owners, testers, scrum masters etc.


Duration: 0.5 - 2 days
Group size: 1 - 50
Location: Your offices or a venue can be arranged
Availability: At-least one month's notice

Booking a Workshop

I run all workshops publicly and privately in the UK & Europe. If you're interested in learning more or would like to book one of my workshops privately for your organisation, it's best to contact me.

My workshops can be fully pre-prepared or customised to the challenges of your business. Get in touch if you have any special requests.