Team Design: Sociotechnical Architecture and Team Topologies

How to organise and manage technology teams for high-quality and high-speed software delivery.

You Will Learn

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to shape, lead, and continuously improve their software delivery teams to increase the quality and frequency of software deliveries and the motivation of everybody in the team.

You will learn:

  • Conway;s law - the relationship between organisation design and software architecture
  • The 5 principles of sociotechnical architecture: value, domain, social, technical, CX
  • Team Topologies - a framework for designing teams
  • Dynamic Reteaming - patterns for evolving team boundaries, responsibilities and personnel as business goals change
  • Organisation design research - what science tells us about designing digital delivery teams
  • How to create highly motivated teams with high levels of purpose, autonomy, and mastery

Is This Workshop For You?

Are you a lead developer, manager, architect, CTO, VP of Engineering, Product Manager or anyone else who needs to build, grow, and lead high performing software engineering teams?

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You should attend this workshop if:

  • You have worked with software engineering teams in medium to large organisations for at-least 2 years
  • You have experience leading teams as a technical lead or business lead or the aspiration to
  • You have a basic understanding of agile software development


Duration: 3 - 5 days
Max Attendees: 40
Location: Your offices or we can arrange a venue
Availability: 2+ months notice

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