The Domain-Driven Architect

Just enough architecture, aligned with your business context

Skills You Will Learn

Agile software developers need to be skilled in software architecture. This workshop teaches them how to design software systems aligned with their problem domain, and how to use specific diagramming techniques that help them to create and communicate a clear shared vision.

This workshop contains some theory, with lot's of hands-on exercises that you can take back to your organisation and start using immediately.

You will learn:

  • strategic design patterns for decomposing a large system, including CQRS & Event Sourcing
  • how to create clear, useful architecture diagrams that emphasise the domain
  • how to create different types of diagram for different audiences: business stakeholders, management, product, developers, etc
  • how to develop a strong intuition of what information to include on a diagram and how to present it, in any scenario
  • technical leadership skills

Is This Workshop For You?

Are you a software developer who needs to improve their architectural skills? Do you aspire to become a technical leader? Are you an architect who wants to put more emphasis on the problem domain rather than creating overly technical designs?

Most of the attendees on this course are software developers or software architects, however, the course material is suitable for product owners, QAs, and anyone else who works closely with software developers with an ambition to understand more about software design and delivery.


You've got at-least a basic understanding of programming, or you have been working for a company who produce software for at-least 6 months.


Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 50
Location: Your offices or a venue can be arranged
Availability: At-least one month's notice

Booking a Workshop

I run all workshops publicly and privately in the UK & Europe. If you're interested in learning more or would like to book one of my workshops privately for your organisation, it's best to contact me.

My workshops can be fully pre-prepared or customised to the challenges of your business. Get in touch if you have any special requests.